Providing assistance to families

of innocent victims of homicide

"Tim's Tribute" is dedicated to providing assistance to the families of innocent victims of homicide. It was founded by Sharlene Bosma to honour the memory of her husband Tim Bosma, a victim of homicide.

A tribute is defined as an act, statement, or gift that is intended to show gratitude, respect and admiration. All these things we have for Tim.

When Tim's murder was announced, the families of Tim and Sharlene established a trust fund for Sharlene and their two year old daughter in response to the numerous community requests to donate to support the family. Sharlene recognizes that very few people are recipients of such generosity and financial support from the community. As such, she would like to help others who are so unfortunate to end up losing a loved one to homicide.

For now, "Tim's Tribute" will focus on providing assistance and support in the Hamilton-Wentworth area. It is our hope that we will eventually be able to expand beyond this region.

"Tim's Tribute" will provide assistance at two different times: Immediate Crisis Needs and Trial Needs. At the time of establishing "Tim's Tribute", Sharlene and her families have only experienced having to meet Immediate Needs following the death of Tim.

Immediate Needs may address something as simple as providing grocery gift cards, but it may depend on the needs of the family.

Trial Needs are what will require most of our attention. Trial Needs are those that arise from the families’ attendance during the trial, long after others have moved on with their lives and have forgotten about these families. Trial Needs could be, but not limited to, transportation costs if the trial venue is out of town, parking costs, or lunch expenses.

"Tim's Tribute" will be working with the Victim's Services departments and the Victim Witness Assistance Programs in identifying those in need.